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Bible Reading Plans

Suggestions from Pastor David

There are a number of Bible reading plans that take different approaches. Any plan that gets you into God’s word on a regular basis is a good plan — you can’t go wrong. Here are some suggestions that narrow down a large number of options.

McCheyne Plan — Designed by a young pastor almost 200 years ago, it's perhaps the most popular of all plans through the ages. It weaves Old Testament prophecies with New Testament fulfillments, OT narratives of unwise choices with wisdom-filled passages that point to God’s life-giving ways. It is a seven day a week plan that takes you through the Bible in one year. Depending on how fast you read, it’s about 15 minutes a day. I used this plan for years and love it. One of my challenges is completing it in a year, because I tend to get a day behind each week. (I simply focus on my sermon and other lessons on Sunday, so the plan gets set aside.) Nevertheless, it’s an excellent tool for reading. It is the plan that is built into our app. Click the Bible icon at the bottom of the app's screen, then select “Plan.” You can likewise access the plan through the Dwell app. Dwell will actually read the passage to you and allow you to follow along while it reads.

5 Day Plan — This plan gets you through the Bible in a year reading five days a week. I switched to this plan in 2022 so as not to get behind on Sundays. I’ve been pleased with it, though it does not make connections between the OT and NT as seamlessly as the McCheyne plan. It’s still good and I have enjoyed staying on schedule more readily. You can find the plan in the Dwell app. As with all Dwell passages, the app will read them to you and allow you to follow along, if that makes things easier for you.

Navigator Plan — This plan has a few days to catch up built into each month. It takes you through the entire bible in a year. Each day uses a 4 section approach that provides a broad perspective of the scripture without getting bogged down in longer sections.

The McCheyne Plan and the 5 Day Plan are incorporated in the Dwell App, as well as a Chronological Reading plan. I encourage you to utilize the Dwell App, which provides an opportunity to abide in God's word that was not available in previous generations. The church pays for a group subscription for all RGC members.

The plans noted above are excellent options. Other plans are available, but it is easy to get overwhelmed with options and never move forward. If the ones above aren't quite a good fit, consider some of the additional  options below. Whatever you choose, get started and stay with it. If you get behind, simply jump back in. While there is value in finishing in a year, the greater goal is reading the entire counsel of God's word. Don't allow discouragement to set in if you get behind. Pick up where you left off and move forward! If you need encouragement, ask! God’s word is unchanging, life-giving truth. Feast on it and live!

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