Because church is more than Sundays

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Church is more than Sunday worship.

We were created for community — first with God himself vertically, and then with others reaching out to each other. In God’s good design we experience aspects of his love and grace through community with other believers that we would not know otherwise. The good news of salvation is magnified when the church — the body of Christ — lives, loves, learns, and encourages together.

2019 Community Group launch has 5 new groups meeting at different places around the city. Young adults meet Sunday evenings. Senior adults meet Tuesday afternoon. Other mixed groups meet on different evenings, so there’s a place for you to ask questions, get to know Jesus, spend time around the table, understand the Gospel, be on mission… and in all ways learn what it means to be the body of Christ with others who want to serve God.


Just Exploring?

Community Groups are a great place to learn about the Christian faith and find out who Jesus is in a smaller setting that is more conducive to interaction and questions and answers. Groups are incubators of faith and love. They are also an excellent way to experience community and get to know members of the RGC family informally. For some, it’s easier to check out a church during a worship service where it’s easier to blend into a crowd. Others may find it easier to connect and ask questions in small home group. Either way, we want to encourage you on your journey toward God. When Christ came, he created a new community — a new family, through which growth, support, encouragement, and love are shared on the journey. With the help of God’s Spirit, we endeavor to live out that reality. Come experience the grace of God through the family of God.

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    Steps toward Covenant Membership

    RGC places a high value on meaningful church membership. Members are called to maintain the unity of the Spirit, encourage one another to grow spiritually, love each other in a way that reflects the Lord’s love, help each other walk in holiness, and advance God’s mission and Kingdom. It is a high bar. One of the sweetest things we enjoy is a community where we experience progress in all these areas. Those who have turned from sin and come to faith in Christ alone are encouraged to consider moving toward covenant membership. You begin the process of moving to membership by completing the Membership Introduction Form and submitting it to the elders. Instructions are included on the form.

    RGC Membership Introduction Form